No visit to Paris is complete without visiting this iconic Parisian landmark. This amazing steel tower which was constructed in 1889 is worth making time for. No matter the season, the views from the top are spectacular and not to be missed. There are 2 levels, the midpoint which is slightly cheaper, and the other, at the top. If you are there, then you might as well pay a little extra and make it to the top.


When planning a visit here, you might want to consider:

  • Pre-book your tickets, as the queues are so much shorter.
  • Regardless of the season, take a light jacket or coat with you as the temperature drops slightly at the top.
  • You can take the stairs up to midpoint, but it is quite high. I took the elevator because I did not want to feel tired when I reached the top.
  • The Eiffel Tower is open everyday but opening times vary according to season, so you may want to check before you get there.


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