1. Stroll along River Seine: River Seine is an important commercial getaway, the hub of Paris and France since the Middle Ages. It runs through the heart of Paris, separating the Left and Right banks of Paris and is about 777 kilometres long. The River Banks of Paris have been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1991. The River’s waterway flows gently and has captured the imagination around the world as one of Europe’s most romantic rivers.


I think, sometime, when one travels alone, you want to take the day in your stride, enjoy in the quiet pleasantness of sitting on a bench along a river or be lost in your own world of imagination when reading a book at a French café. This helps, certainly helped me to understand some of the many pieces that made up my life, either to hold on to or let go. So, if you are ever in a place in your life needing time and space to think, go to Paris and do the Parisian thing – take-in the magic of the River. Stroll along the River’s edge and embrace the seductiveness of the surrounds of the River. You can always get a drink and something to eat, sit on a bench and watch the sun set, or read a novel and feel involved in the romantic settings that surrounds you or just sip on your cup of French coffee and people-watch! Whatever you do to relax, make time to try the local made French macarons from the nearby Laduree shop on the Left Bank.


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