I had visited Paris on several occasions, but these visits were mainly dedicated to what my kids wanted to do. It was not until March 2015, when I made a solo trip to Paris for a few days that I understood why Paris bridges were covered with Love Locks and is regarded as the City of Love. For me, it was here, that I met My Man, went on our first date and have been together ever since. Though it has been a little over three years, I want to share with you my experiences of a lazy getaway to Paris.

Making my way to the heart of Paris’ Latin Quarter, Saint-Germaine-des-Pres from Charles de Gaulle airport was a short cab ride. Set on the outskirts of the City, Saint Germain used to be a poor village, but just like Montmartre, artists and writers came here, giving it a young population and creating a reputation as a party hub. I chose an apart-hotel in Saint Germain for accommodation as I wanted the luxury of a hotel and the flexibility to make my own meals with fresh ingredients from the market. The apart-hotel overlooked River Seine because I wanted my quiet moments along the River, and not far from here were also some touristic spots such as the Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Pont des Arts bridge. Across the River and a good 40-minute walk was the Eiffel Tower. Saint Germain is a perfect place to experience the city’s bohemian culture and the many hidden gems of Paris. The vibrancy of a traditional market street was just around the corner at Rue de Buci where you can pick fresh fruits and vegetables delivered daily, buy freshly baked baguettes and sandwiches made to perfection! The streets of Saint Germaine are dotted with bookshops, cafes, bars and tourist inspired gift shops. The iconic café, Café de Flore, one of the oldest coffeehouses in Paris, which was and still is, a popular hub for writers, is here, in the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue Saint-Benoit. You can taste French coffee for 5 Euros here!


Many blogs and travel sites have often noted the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and other iconic places as the top places to visit. Indeed, they are! I certainly spent time at the Eiffel Tower and half-a-day at the Musee de Louvre amidst the rain and the gloomy weather. However, for me and my need at that time was to experience some ‘me time’ – not rushing to complete a must-see do-list. So, my top 5 things to do on a lazy getaway in Paris are listed below and you can read more by clicking on the links:

  1. Stroll along River Seine: River Seine is an important commercial getaway, the hub of Paris and France since the Middle Ages.
  2. Pont des Arts: There are 37 bridges across the Seine, with just 3 for pedestrian use only …
  3. Standing on the Pont des Arts gave me an idea of how Paris had evolved through its history. In the distance was the Cathedral of Notre Dame, an architectural masterpiece.
  4. Musee de Louvre, is located on the Right Bank of River Seine. It is the world’s largest and diverse of museums. It is famous for being the home of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, priceless antiquities and the Napoleon III apartments 
  5. Eiffel Tower: This iconic steel tower needs no introduction but …

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