So, here is my new gadget!

Canon EOS Rebel T6

All these for US$499.00

I have gone through each accessory that has come in this bundle, including the two tripods, and I must say that it is good value for money and I am super happy!

Now that I can touch, feel and snap away, I made the following discoveries:

  1. That T6 is compact and is very comfortable to hold. I attached the basic kit lens 18-55mm IS which is included in the bundle and it still feels light for a DSLR. In addition, the various HD lenses which are included in this bundle allows me the opportunity to be creative with how to shoot, a further benefit to using a camera with interchangeable lens.

2. I am certain that taking this camera with the basic lens and the wide-angle lens together with the small tripod will not be bulky and cumbersome when I am next on my trip.

3.Most interesting about my new gadget is the ‘food’ mode, a dedicated spot as an option on the mode dial, symbolised with a fork and knife.  I am sure food modes are not new, but I like the fact that Canon has a special place for it. Setting it to this mode when taking pictures of food means it can auto-correct the scenes and add more vibrancy and contrast. I take lots of pictures of food and I am looking forward to using this function.

4. One of the features which encouraged me to purchase the T6 was the fact that it is WIFI enabled. I wanted this feature so that I can pair up the T6 with my smartphone and review photos which I have taken. I can do this. However, on the downside, there is no dedicated WIFI button to take you to a menu. The LCD has no ‘touch’ capability, so you will have to scroll through the menu.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 seems like a fine point and shoot camera that can take nice images. I tried taking pictures of some moo-moos and they turned out pretty good.


I think this camera is suitable for beginners like me and casual photographers who are stepping-up from a smartphone. It is light and not cumbersome. It has various lenses which I can grow my photographic skills with and two tripods that suits my needs perfectly. I can’t wait for my next adventure to put this camera to full use.

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