Kofukuji (興福寺) Temple is a Buddhist Temple, which was one of the Seven Powerful Great Temples in Nara. It is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage site listed in Nara and is popular as the second largest wooden pagoda in Japan. Kofukuji is a five-storey pagoda and stands at 50 metres. It is Japan’s second tallest, about 7 metres less than the five-storey pagoda at Toji Temple, Kyoto. It was first constructed in 730 and rebuilt in 1426.

5 storey pagoda at Kofukuji Temple
5 storey pagoda at Kofukuji Temple

The highlight of visiting Kofukuji, which is both a landmark and symbol of Nara, is its National Treasure Museum. The Museum is home to the temple’s great art collection and a Must for lovers of Buddhist Art.

It was rather nice to walk around the temple grounds after the rain. Less crowd, no rush and gentle freshness to the air. It was quiet, peaceful and serene.

Useful information:

Walk around the temple grounds are free but entry to the museum 700 Yen.

Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00


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