1. Table Rock Welcome Centre

We made Table Rock our first visit because it is right there at the Falls! It is the heart of Niagara Parks and can be accessed via Niagara Parkway, if you are driving or via the Falls Incline Railways from the Fallsview Boulevard/tourists area. The Falls Incline Railway is a convenient link to use and gives you a good view of the Horseshoe Falls as it rise and descend along the track.

The Falls Incline Railway is wheelchair accessible

There are food-courts, gift shops and information centre here. Also access to Niagara’s Fury and Journey Behind the Falls. There is a candy shop called Pop & Lolly and Elements of the Falls offers a great dining experience with spectacular views of the Falls. Walk through the Welcome Centre and out of the doors and you will see the Falls.

  1. Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls

The most beautiful, powerful and amazingly extraordinary waterfall is there! You are so close to it that you feel you could almost touch it! Watching so much water gushing over the brink of the fall was an awe moment. You feel the mist on you!

The Horseshoe Falls
The Horseshoe Falls

Take a stroll along the Falls and take as many photos as you can. No two photos will be the same, I can assure you…and capture the rainbow! Be sure to also capture the view when the water is illuminated by bright lights on the backdrop of the night sky.

Depending on where you stay, you can drive along Niagara Parkway as there are a number of designated parking available.

Most of the evening of our arrival, we spent it at the Horseshoe Falls and just strolling around, taking in its beauty and the atmosphere, reluctantly withdrawing from here because of dinner! The next day was our first full day and we opted to do 3 activities and a romantic dinner.

Please click on the link below for Day 2 – Full Day

Day 2



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