The Ujigami Shrine is believed to be constructed as early as 1060 during the Heian period and is the other World Heritage site. It is the guardian shrine to Byodoin Temple. This Shinto shrine has very simple architecture. The Honden or the main hall is built in the nagare-zukuri architectural style, which is a curved assymetrical roof, extending more on the side of the main entrance than on the opposite side. This design is such to provide shelter to the worshippers.

Entrance to Ujigami Shrine
Entrance to Ujigami Shrine

About 100m south of Ujigami shrine is the Uji shrine, also in the simple nagare-zukuri architectural style.

Entrance to Uji Shrine
Entrance to Uji Shrine

Useful information:

Opening hours: 09:00 to 16:30

Open all year round

Admission is Free

Please give yourself anything between 15 to 30 minutes. It is really quiet and peaceful here. On my visit, I observed a painter sketching the beautiful view from the top of the stairs looking ahead. It was rather pretty.

Painter sketching the spring colours of the leaves
Painter sketching the spring colours of the leaves

Getting here:

Location of Ujigami Shrine and Uji Shrine_1
Location of Ujigami Shrine and Uji Shrine

Ujigami Shrine is on the north of Uji River, close to the Tale of Genji Museum

JR Line

Takes 15 minutes to walk from JR Uji Station

Keihan Line

Takes 10 minutes to walk from Keihan Uji Line

By foot

It is about 10 to 15 minutes (depends how distracted you get from the enchanting scenery around you) from Byodoin Temple, across the river via a small island connected by bridges.


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