Hiroshima is a vibrant modern city, having risen from its ashes of the past. It is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, located in the southwest of Japan’s Honshu Island. Hiroshima’s natural beauty can be seen in its impressive Chugoku Mountains to the north and the clear waters of the Seto Inland Sea in the south.

Every year, thousands of tourists make their way to Hiroshima mainly for the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which is a grim reminder of war and a focus for prayers for world peace. Whilst this should be a “must do” itinerary for any visitor, one should also make time to take in the natural beauty of historical Miyajima Island.

Miyajima Island is a short ferry ride from Hiroshima and is easily accessible (see below on accessibility). From ancient times, every tree, rock and sand in the island was worshipped as god. It is an island often regarded by the locals as where the people and the gods live together.  It is home to the only floating Torii gate in the world, and the infamous Mount Misen which is associated with a legend of miracle-that a fire lit by a Buddhist monk, Kobo Daishi. have been burning for almost 1200 years.

There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima. One is the Atomic Bomb Dome in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the other is the Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima Island. The Atomic Bomb Dome is an iconic structure as it was only a few meters away from the atomic bomb blast. It is symbolic as the beacon for world peace and an end to nuclear weapons.

I spent 2 days at Hiroshima and wished that I had spent more as this beautiful city has so much more to offer. If you have the time, try and spend 3 to 4 days. I assure you, you will have plenty to do! My top picks for a 2-day visit are as follows: Please click on the link to read more.

Day 1: Hiroshima City (Top picks)

Day 2: Miyajima Island

Access: Getting to Hiroshima



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