For most of us Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year despite the rushing around, stress of getting everything together, the decorations,the presents, Christmas dinner and all else…but whatever you do – enjoy it! Appreciate every moment that you spend with your loved ones around you and cherish these moments as they make life’s little gifts when you look back at them one day.

For those of my friends who do not celebrate Christmas, use the time doing something special for yourself, be it hiking, swimming or even reading…do what makes you happy!

Above all Love Yourself for all that you do  and may 2019 be the best yet for all of us.

Enjoy these pictures of Christmas in London .

All pictures are all rights reserved and is the property of – please do not download, print without prior written permission.

Somerset House
Christmas at Somerset House
Covent Garden
Covent Garden
Apple Market @coventgarden
Come, lets gather under the mistletoe @coventgarden

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