A short while ago, I saw a question being posted on Social Media which asks: “What do I value Most in Life…”

It’s a simple question, top of mind question, which expects a spontaneous response – spontaneous or not, it got me thinking…

What do I value most in my life?

  • As a Mum, do I value my kids? ~ of-course I do! They are my precious gifts!
  • As a person, do I value my friends? ~ of-course I do! They are part of my social wellbeing!
  • As a sibling, do I value my sisters? ~ of-course I do! They are part of the fabric that makes up my memories and culture!
  • As a partner, do I value my better half? ~ of-course I do! He makes my heart sing!
  • How about money? Do I Value money? ~ Of-course I do! Who doesn’t!

I remember too, that today has been 19 years since my mum passed away and both of my brothers have passed on too at a relatively young age. My dad passed a few years before my mum. I know that they are all in a better place. These memories, every so often, reminds me that life as we know it, is limited ~ limited in Time.

The reality is, though I value each and every one in my life as they contribute to me being me and I value money and happiness and love as all these are important elements that defines me to be happier, the underlying most precious commodity which is valuable to me is Time. Time in the “Now”, Time in the present.

Benjamin Franklin once said that “You may delay, but time will not” – he was a wise man indeed! Time is elusive, will not stand still and you will not regain it after it is passed – after you have “spent it” , therefore Time in the present, is the most precious gift which I value in my life – so I can watch my kids grow into adulthood, treasure every moment of it, be blessed with grand-kids, more laughter with friends and family and many moments of playing footsies and whispering sweet little nothings with my better half.

It is these moments in Time which allows you to feel different, feel lighter, feel emotional, happy, sad, and whatever…it allows you to feel you! It is through this roller-coaster of “feelings” is when you discover you, your passion, your beliefs and your values. It reignites your deeper sense towards self-accomplishment and self-fulfilment – about loving ‘you.’ Time, also means that each sunrise marks the possibility of starting afresh, starting anew, starting over if you need to ~ each sunrise allows you to believe in your dream, your vision, and live your life for your purpose, regardless of your age. So, if there ever was a time to go after that lingering idea, goal or dream, it is Now. Don’t waste Time, for “tomorrow is never guaranteed…so take care of the moments and the years will take care of itself” ~ Maria Edgeworth  


  1. Such an enjoyable post to read. We all need to be reminded of “time” and its value. Thank you for reminding me again today. 🙂

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