I was lost in the moment of this majestic yet subtle orange gold that stretched far and wide,

With clouds that were cotton-candy like as they blushed at the warmth of the sun,

It was a sign that my day has had its say and soon,

The biggest star would set and twilight would beckon a thousand others,

I wanted to stay lost in the moment just a while longer,

Filling my mind with dreams of a beautiful tomorrow might bring…

Sunsets are timeless and it lasts but for a fleeting moment.

I am calm, peaceful and grateful during those moments.

What is it, I often wondered…

That makes me mellow at the first sight of the golden rays? 

Is it the colours, the cotton clouds or is it just my wandering soul who wants to be lost…

Whatever it may be, I will treasure my moments with each sunset as it speaks to my soul.

©LucyT…she writes

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