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I love summer in London. As Londoners we are very fortunate to have so much to see, witness, experience and lots of green spaces to getaway to if and when we wished. Almost everything happens here, right here in London! Moreover, London has, for the most times, pretty cool weather, except for a few weeks or so when the temperature soars and the heatwave sets-in. I don’t like it when it is too hot but I know many of you can’t have enough of it 🙂 

Regent's Park, London
Regent’s Park, London

Retracing my footsteps in London has led me to discover many new things that I had not previously. I am seeing My City both as a Londoner and as a tourist. It has gently reminded me of many experiences throughout the years and the many visits where my kids and I would just hop onto the train for a half-hour ride to the heart of the City. These were mostly unplanned or involved overnight planning of a visit to a Royal Palace or a Castle, a picnic in the park, and games or read a book until sundown etc. So, for my 3rd Instalment on MyCityMyTown Series, I decided to retrace my footsteps on the Royal Palaces and the Royal Parks. The Royal Palaces and the Royal Parks hold special places for me as I used to frequent these with my kids and there are many beautiful treasured memories. These days, as I walk through Kensington Gardens and the Statute of Peter Pan, I remember the fun, the laughter and their theatrics…and realise how time has flown by 😊

Looking back, these were unplanned visits. Although there is fun in doing things impromptu, I believe there must be a general plan of what one intends to do, and you can save money as a result. Therefore, this time I have incorporated planning into my visits, because Planning is Important (I will be writing a blog on why planning is important – so look out for that) and dedicated some time researching for deals that would suit my plans.

The Royal Parks

There are 8 Royal Parks, together they offer 5000 acres of green spaces which provides a natural habitat for many wildlife. The Parks are open to everyone throughout the year, where you can have a gentle stroll, exercise, have a bike-ride, have a picnic or just grab a seat at a bench and watch the world go by…

Regent's Park, London
Regent’s Park, London

or watch these guys having fun in the sun! 😊

Regent's Park, London
Regent’s Park, London

or these guys waddle!

The Round Pond at Kensington Palace Gardens
The Round Pond at Kensington Palace Gardens

The 8 Parks are:

  1. Hyde Park;
  2. Kensington Palace Gardens;
  3. Richmond Park;
  4. Bushy Park;
  5. St James’ Park;
  6. The Green Park;
  7. The Regents Park and Primrose Hill;
  8. Greenwich Park.

You can read related posts to Kensington Palace Gardens here and Greenwich Park here. You can read more on The Regents Park and Primrose Hill here. Information on the rest of the the Royal Parks are available here.


The Royal Palaces

I will write on each of the palaces as I visit them. If you are planning a visit to London or you are a Londoner looking for something to do, and wish to visit any of the Royal Palaces, here are my pick of the top 8 palaces and castles to visit in London or within a short trip of London, in no particular order:

  1. Buckingham Palace
  2. Windsor Castle – you can read about Windsor Castle here
  3. Hampton Court Palace
  4. Kensington Palace – you can read about Kensington Palace here
  5. Kew Palace
  6. Tower of London
  7. Banqueting House
  8. Clarence House



All the Royal Palaces and Castles offer individual or combined tickets. As you know, it is cheaper to buy combined tickets. Also, it is cheaper to skip the line and buy the tickets online. You may wish to purchase them here ⇓⇓⇓ 



I have carefully selected some tours for you to enhance your experiences here in London. Viator is the #1 largest and trusted source which offers thousands of  sightseeing tours, attractions and transfers in 75+ countries and over 450 destinations worldwide.



You can also find theatre and show tickets and city passes to suit. It is convenient and their prices are competitive. Why not do a search, have a look and give it a go 😊


As for me, I discovered that the Historic Royal Palaces offer of an Annual Membership to be beneficial. You can read about Why the Historic Royal Palaces Annual Membership is good for me here



If you are visiting London and looking for a place to stay why not look-up…

  • which is a travel search engine for accommodations, that offers you a choice of hotels, homes and apartments and B&B’s in 120,000 destinations worldwide – instant confirmation and no cancellation fees. You will definitely find accommodation to suit your needs, singles, couples or families and your budget.It is convenient and their prices are competitive. Do a search, have a look and give it a go 😊


I hope you will enjoy exploring these historic sites and the beautiful green spaces in London with me. Do let me know if there are any which you would have included here that I did not and I would be happy to explore…always like a little adventure. You may find these guides useful to get around London.

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London: Royal Palaces and Royal Parks

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  1. I am delighted that you enjoyed my post and found it helpful. The Parks in London, as you know, offer so much more than just green spaces. I look forward to your visit here. Many thanks for your lovely comments, Roz, I appreciate it.

  2. I loved reading about the Royal Parks of London, it brought back many a happy memory of time spent in various parks throughout our time living in London. They are always beautiful but the burgeoning of spring is very special, particularly when the daffodils appear. Many thanks for your extremely helpful links to organise trips – you’ve done so much work and I, for one, am extremely grateful!

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