Despite being a cosmopolitan City that has one of the highest standards of living, a City that never sleeps with weekend transportation that operates 24/7, a City that is busy, busy, busy, an Underground system where the sounds of “Mind the Gap” becomes the fabric of commuting, – I have grown to love and really do appreciate this beautiful City, which is My Town. As I reminisce on the many adventures I had with my kids to the places I had visited over the years, and some on more than one occasion,  I decided to take the best of “yesterday” as a Londoner and re-visit places in London that holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. I have selected my special five and by no means is one more special than the other. Each is special for the unique experiences and the priceless memories that I cherish but certainly, it is different now as I visit these places on my own with my thoughts. As part of “My City & My Town – Appreciating London, retracing my footsteps”  series, I will publish one blog every two months over the next ten months beginning January 3rd 2019. In each blog that I share with you, will be an adventure covering one special place and/or activities, with tips and suggestions on how to make the best use of your visit. I welcome you to read and enjoy them through my lens and hope to inspire you to visit London 😊

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